Electronics and Communications Engineering:

Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) involves researching, designing, developing and testing of electronic equipment used in various systems. Electronics and Communications engineers also conceptualize and oversee the manufacturing of communications and broadcast systems.

This stream of engineering deals with analog transmission, basic electronics, microprocessors, solid state devices, digital and analog communication, analog integrated circuits, microwave engineering, satellite communication, antennae and wave progression. It also deals with the manufacturing of electronic devices, circuits, and communications equipment.

In India, Electronics and Communications Engineering is offered by various colleges at the UG as well PG level leading to BTech (4 years) and MTech (2 years) degrees respectively.

Scope for Electronics and Communication Engineers after graduation

1. Wireless Communication (Career Building Course) 2. Animatronic Hand
3. Embedded Systems (Career Building Course)
4. Home Automation using IoT
5. Robotic Arm
6. Sensor Guided Robotics
7. Smart Energy Meter using GSM
8. Home Automation System
9. Solar & Smart Energy Systems
10. Automatic Solar Tracker
11. GPS & GSM based Tracker
12. 5 Arduino Projects
13. Biometric Authentication
14. Access Control with RFID
15. Automated Railway Crossing
16. 4 Smart Energy Projects
17. PCB Manufacturing
18. Health Monitoring Wearable
19. Persistence of Vision
20. MATLAB for Engineers
21. Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB
22. Simscape Electrical using MATLAB
23. Image Processing using MATLAB
24. Advanced Image Processing using MATLAB
25. Digital Signal Processing using Python
26. Circuit Design with Proteus
27. PCB Design and Simulation with KiCAD
28. LabVIEW for Engineers
29. PLC Programming for Engineers
30. Smart Traffic Lighting System
31. Automation using PLC