Total Library Area 920 Sq.mts.
Reference Area Griffin
Stacking Area 395 Sq.mts.
Digital Library Area 75 Sq.mts.
Seating Capacity 200 Members

Library Membership Details

The Central Library is mainly for the faculty, Students and Supporting staff of the institution

Members Library Cards Loan Period
Teaching Staff 6 One Semester
Supporting Staff 3 One Semester
students 3 15 days

Library Services

Library Services
Library Working Hours 9 Am to 6 PM
Reprographic Service Available
Internet Access Free
No. of Visitors per day Average 150
Books Issues/Returns per day Average 200
Library Collection
Total Volumes 46799
Printed Journals 110
E-Journals DELNET
E-Journals DELNET
Digital Library Computers 20
Quick Mail Service 2 Computers
Internet 20 mbps

Sana Engineering college was established in the year 2003, encourages every student to use the library that has been carefully built-up since the inception of the college. The Library has fully equipped automation facilities and it has 46799 volumes with 7593 titles for of all disciplines. The library subscribed all required E-Journals like DELNET which covers around 1034 both National and International Journals, 110 Printed Journals. The Sana library follows open access system encourages the users to browse freely in the stocking area.

Digital Library

The Digital library has 20 systems with 3 Mbps Internet connectivity. The purpose of all these facilities are meant for motivating the students and teaching staff for scholarly and research purpose. With all the above facilities the library is kept opened from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM on all working days.

Quick Mail Search

The Quick Mail/OPAC Search Centre is an innovative concept aimed at providing instant mail access, and OPAC Search to Sana students. The facility is ideally located in the Central Library and functions on two high configuration systems with Hi-Speed Net connectivity to the internet.

Library Physical Facilities